We offer a full landscaping development

Installation and construction program for a range of commercial and residential properties.

We offer a full landscaping development, installation, and construction program for a range of commercial and residential properties.

We incorporate customer needs and create a concept to match customer requirements.

Snowdonia offers a variety of services from a full maintenance contract to consultancy work for smaller projects.


In Ghana, Snowdonia Landscaping Ltd. is the top landscape designer for businesses, industries, and homes.

What We Do At Snowdonia Landscaping

We are expert garden and landscape contractors in Ghana for over 10 years and our service areas include Accra and Tema.

Snowdonia Landscaping is dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers. We attain this by collaborating closely with our customers to provide high-quality, cost-effective gardening and landscaping services.

With our years of expertise offering these dedicated and tailored services, we genuinely understand our clients’ needs and expectations, as well as how to efficiently and cost-effectively fulfill these.

Our Products & Services

Care of Lawn Including Mulching

Mulching is a layer of Material applied to the surface of lawns, in this case lawn trimmings, improving fertility and health of the soil and controlling weeds.

Correct Edging of Lawns.

This will give the edges of the lawns a very clean and professional look. All our staff are thoroughly trained in this

Correct Care and Watering of all plants

It is very important that plants are cared for in the correct manner. Different varieties of plants and genuses of plant cannot be treated

Landscape design and project management

Landscape development requires balancing living and non- living materials into a beautiful, sustainable creation - a man-made ecosystem

Maintaining of all Flowerbeds

The weeding of all flowerbeds and the correct fertilizing of the same